Filming the documentary: Bonaire

The second part of our journey is over. We’ve made beautiful recordings on Bonaire. On Bonaire we visited several residential projects that Lyongo has designed here. With filmmaker Pim Gelevert we capture some of the special architecture of these homes. During our stay we’ve also paid a visit to Kralendijk, Rincon, Sorobon and the nature parks, among others.

A summary of our visit

We started with a visit to Villa van de Sande, where Lyongo talks about how he designed a modern villa on the centuries-old, steep landscape.

Lyongo spoke with local artists and scientists about working in the creative industry during a lecture for the Art & Science Lab. He discussed what characterizes Bonerian culture. The group walked through the streets of Kralendijk as part of Lyongo’s lecture to photograph what to them is Bonerian architecture. The results led to some interesting and emotional conversations. What remains of Bonerian culture now that tourists are taking over the island? For example last year, around 470,000 cruise visitors and 435,000 plane visitors arrived on the island – which has just 24,000 inhabitants. And for 2024 they even expect a record of cruise visitors.

He also spoke with Gino Obersi, a local architect and former student of Lyongo. Gino talked about the challenges and opportunities he experienced as a designer on Bonaire. In conversation with Lyongo, he addressed the climate challenges they face here on the Caribbean islands and how that translates into good design. Lyongo also shares some simple, low-tech solutions he has applied in the project Villa Catalina to make the stay pleasant in the Caribbean climate.

Gino grew up near this villa and was there when it got built. It is one of the many villas that have been built on the island for the last 10 years. This particular villa was made for a local family, but many are being built for the new residents – often from Europe. The growth in population is causing an increasing split between the different population groups. Gino en Lyongo discuss the effects of the increase of new residents and villa’s. In addition, the island is experiencing an immense growth in tourists. And he, like other local artists, shares some of the problems created by the immense growth of tourists. During the conservation a gigantic cruise ship parks in the harbor, which makes the issue painfully visible.

What’s next?

Our journey continues to Saba, where we will visit Captains Quarters, Villa Hide-out, the local school and the Fire Station Saba, among other places. After that, we will end with a visit to the Dutch part of Sint-Maarten where we’ll visit places like the local school and the Dental Clinic Halley.

This documentary is made in collaboration with filmmaker Pim Gelevert and is made possible by two generous clients and the PBCCG. For which we are very grateful.

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