Lyongo Juliana

Happy to celebrate 25 years of lyongo architecture in 2024! My architecture is not so much about pursuing a certain style, it is much more about creating a certain experience by which the location of the design becomes more harmonious and beautiful. But I do believe that everything I design should be a product of this day and age without having dogma’s to the use of knowledge from the past.

As a teenager I knew that I wanted to create and build. I did not have a specific desire at that time to become an architect. I had a strong interest in engineering and it was not until the second half of my studies at the faculty of Architectural Engineering at the University of Technology in Eindhoven (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven) that I discovered architecture and fell in love. I also realized that the architect was the person with the biggest influence on how the creation will look and be experienced.

Since my graduation in the field of architecture at the University of Technology at Eindhoven I have been preoccupied with finding the question that has to be answered with each design assignment. This question contains element as: which protection is needed from the weather ( the primary reason why our ancestors started building), the requirements of the client, laws and regulations, the site,…, but architecture is much more than just complying with the above. It is also the question of: what will make the location more beautiful, more in balance and what do I want people to experience. A possible answer is that a certain location does not need an intervention by an architect, but is already perfect.


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