Celebrating 25 years: Vocational Training School

We would like to highlight a new project in the series for our 25-year celebration: this is the Vocational Training School in South Reward, Sint Maarten. It was Lyongo’s second school project on the island.

Although the school was designed back in 1997, right before the official start of our company, the completion was in 1999. Lyongo will share some stories about this colorful project.

In need for a new building

“After finishing the Sister Borgia School on the island I was approached by the Projectbureau Wederopbouw if I wanted to take on this special design assignment…” Right after hurricane Luis in 1995 government had started a project where people working in the hotel industry could be trained to become construction workers that were in very high demand for the reconstruction of the island. The extension of the Vocational Training School was used as an on the job training program, a so called ‘omscholingstraject’. 

Special project

“What made this a special project? Well, part of the school was already built based on some schematic drawings. When I started with the project the second floor was already pored. However, due to poor supervision and favoritism a lot of money was spent, and little progress was achieved. I accepted the assignment under the condition that a thorough structural analysis would be made.”

Nice and safe

“I had a big task at hand. And basically, the client told me: please try to make something out of what is already there. Based on the existing layout I tried to make a school that houses the different crafts and was also appealing. I wanted to make it a nice place that would invite more students to follow the vocational education.

It was important to make the new building hurricane-proof. A school needs to give protection against the climate elements and storms. I’m proud to say that after 25 years of delivery the school still stands, and it withstood all mayor hurricanes in those years including hurricane Irma.”

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