Lecture Art & Science Lab Bonaire

On May 20 Lyongo will join the Art & Science Lab on Bonaire. The Art & Science Lab Bonaire is a platform and space that wants to explore the collaboration between art and science.

The lecture will show how art and science can stimulate innovation in art production, bring local voices, and highlight diversity in lived experiences to a broader audience. Local visual artists, scientists, and ‘Konocedonan krioyo’ (island community members via an Open Call with knowledge about their communities’ history and customs) are invited to join the program. It is also a space for visual artists to develop their skills in artistic research, look into new methodologies as well as create works of art from these new findings.

The topic will be ‘Designing with awareness of cultural context and current climatical challenges on the Island of Bonaire’. What does Bonaire’s local art and design look like? Lyongo will discuss this with other (local) artists that are part of the program. For Lyongo, design should reflect the culture of a place or island. What characterizes the Bonairean culture? What does a typical Bonairean building look like? And what makes it suitable for Bonairean users?

The lecture is part of the Art & Science Lab Bonaire organized by Uniarte. Participants are artists, researchers and people without (art) training or education.

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