Project Description

Client: Ennia Curaçao
Program: Shop
Status: Completed

Otrobanda, Curaçao


Ennia Otrobanda

For the first time in their over 65 years of existence Ennia decided to open a branch office in Curacao. Instead of adding just another branch, Ennia wanted to add a state of the art branch with a “wow” effect. We were inspired by their slogan “feel secure” and designed an interior which would enhance this feeling. We had to work within the contours of the existing building but tried to bring in as much daylight as possible. Furthermore we designed furniture in which continuity of form and transparency played an important role. By doing this, the slogan “feel secure” is translated into shape and form.

Lyongo Juliana
Andry Maduro

Solid Construction N.V./ Innovacion Kitchen