Celebrating 25 years: Ennia Otrobanda

For our 25th anniversary we share this special project: Ennia Otrobanda. It is one of the few interior projects in our portfolio. The company Ennia wanted to add a state-of-the-art branch in Curacao. Our design had to reflect that. This project was completed almost 10 years ago.

Locally made

Lyongo: “I worked on this project at the same time as the Curacao Medical Center. Two completely different projects. Both in terms of assignment and size. This was an interior assignment of about 100 square meters. The interior has an international allure but is completely made locally. With local carpenters and local furniture makers. I also worked on building the interior myself. My colleague Andry and I manually mounted all the screens you see on the furniture, because no one wanted to take the risk of destroying the material.”

Shape and form

In our design we were inspired by the slogan of the company: ‘feel secure’. We designed an interior that would enhance this feeling but we had to work within the contours of the existing building. Our mission was to bring in as much daylight as possible. That enhances the well-being of people that worked there and for their visitors. Transparency also makes the building feel more secure.

We designed furniture in which continuity of form and transparency played an important role. By doing this, the slogan was translated into shape and form.


This project was completed in 2015. The office has now been moved and our interior design has been demolished. The building has a new tenant, and our interior has been removed but they maintained the modifications to the façade. Lyongo: “It is my second project that has been demolished. My colleague asked me how that made me feel. So, I started genuinely asking myself what that means for me, but it does not bother me that much. I see my work as a as part of a bigger picture within a longer path. – and sometimes my work is not worthy to maintain as part of the path.”

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