Amsterdam of the future

The city of Amsterdam is growing. Over the past year, the Municipality of Amsterdam has created a new development strategy for the city called ‘Building neighborhoods of the future’. It is drafted with input from involved Amsterdam residents and professionals. The vision will be presented during this event. Lyongo Juliana is one of the speakers.

Strategy and panel

Building in the city means that the city needs to densify. We do this by making even better use of the existing space on the street, underground and on roofs. That is why there was a new development strategy made.

There was a panel selected to give an advice for this strategy. The independent panel included Lyongo Juliana, Ria Braaf, Hans Karsenberg, Jannes Willems, Nies Medema. The members were selected on their knowledge of architecture, urban planning and design. 

About the program

Where do we want to build in the future? What makes a nice place to live? And what do we want to preserve for ourselves and all future Amsterdam residents? It is certain that Amsterdam is growing, but we (partly) have control over how Amsterdam grows. In order to respond to the growth of the city and the tightness on the housing market, the municipality has created a concept for a new strategy: Amsterdam: Building neighborhoods of the future. The strategy will be presented and discussed on 15 February.

Follow the program online, via Pakhuis de Zwijger.

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