We are working on a design for a villa on Saba. Villa Hideout is a house on a steep plot at more than 500 meters above sea level with a beautiful view over the village Windwardside. In August 2023 the clearing of the land for this project started. And in September the construction of the building has started as you can also see on the pictures by Hideout Saba.


The design is the result of the detailed requirements of the client, on how they want enjoy their time in Saba, the historic architecture of Saba, the tropical climate and our views on pleasant contemporary living.

We have made three volumes in which the different functions of the house are placed. By staggering the volumes, we create a strong interaction with the surroundings. We’ve embraced nature in our design. That is also evident when it comes to choice of materials. We chose the local stone harvested on site. The connection with nature is not a choice but a necessity. For example, there is no running water, therefore we will collect all the rainwater. That will be used for everything except for drinking.