Together with Aruba Port Authority (APA) and Port of Amsterdam International (PoAI) OeverZaaijerLyongo collaborated within a multi-year plan in transforming the urban development of the harbor front Port City into a sustainable mixed-use area. The APA announced last week through a press conference that they will start with the first tenders!

APA issues the sites on a subleasehold to the developers. The winners of the tenders must pay 40 percent of the ground lease in advance, and 60 percent over a period of 60 years. This money will be invested by APA in infrastructure, landscaping and maintenance.

The new Port City, located in the southwest part of the capital Oranjestad, is a merge of three locations. It is connecting the former Containers Harbor area with Paardenbaai and Bushiri Beach combining approximately 180,000 square meters for new urban programming. The first tenders will start this year. The expectation is that it will take 10 – 15 years to fully develop.

Our plan for a mixed-use area includes residences, offices, retail facilities and great space for a public park. The sustainability ambitions are high in the field of energy consumption and generation. It is also the wish of the government that the new program complies with the circular economy model. Also they wish that all of the buildings are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified.¬†Read more about our plan for the harbor front of Port City…