A collaboration between two Holland House members, resulted in an inspiring workshop for civil servants of Amsterdam South East working in the area of urban development. The Holland House is the meeting point between Colombian and Dutch companies.

Social challenges in Amsterdam are not the same as in Bogotá, but urban designers and architects can definitely learn from the social engagement of architects like Taller from Bogotá. Julian Restrepo, one of the founders of Taller, gave an overview of their work. With one constant aspect: how can their creativity and technical skills enhance the quality of life for the ones that are going to use their design?

Lyongo: “The workshop for Holland House led to an inspiring afternoon and it confirmed why urban transformations in Colombia have been an inspiration for my work for the past 15 years. Thank you Taller and Julian for excepting my invitation and sharing your insights on social urbanism in the series of workshops I have organized for the urban development department of the municipality Amsterdam Southeast”