Another highest point-celebration for one of our projects. On May 29 we celebrated this milestone for the Laboratory Willemstad. Lyongo was one of the speakers during the event ‘Spantenbier’.

ADC director Liane Cova climbed, together with administrators and ministers, to the highest point of the building. This was festively celebrated with ADC employees and other guests.

On the outside

We designed a state-of-the-art laboratory in Willemstad. The new building will have different building volumes. We reinforce the building volumes by having them change color alternately. The facade will also have a recognizable rhythm due to the placement of the windows and the different divisions. Due to the different rhythms, the building adapts to the small scale of the buildings to the north of the project but it also serves as a wall around the square together with the new hospital and St. Thomas College.

Sustainability is an important part of our design. That is why the roofs and facades are insulated, to reduce rising temperatures and heat. We also added sun blinds in the facade openings. This limits direct sunlight to a maximum of 2 hours. We also collect the water on the roofs and the condensation water from the air conditioners and reuse it to spray the greenery and flush the toilets. On top of the building there are as many solar panels as possible placed on the roof to generate energy. The cooling installation has also been designed in such a way that a future connection to deep sea water cooling is possible.

On the inside

Contact with the outside and with each other are important starting points for our design. All laboratories in Willemstad, with the exception of pathology, are gathered on the second floor. This facilitates cooperation between the different laboratories and also makes it possible to share certain space (dark room, freezers and lockers).

The well-being of from laboratory technicians, other users and visitors is paramount. That is why we cool the inside with a fresh air supply. We also made sure that there is sufficient daylight and contact with the outside. We have arranged the central space in such a way that you can take a break from the lab world and enter a more natural environment. In this room, for example, we have a wooden ceiling and large planters. There are lazy stairs in this room that should stimulate the use of stairs. In addition, this space is aimed at stimulating chance encounters, a characteristic of our culture. There are also a number of balconies per layer where you can enjoy the fresh air. At the same time, this space can be used if large equipment needs to be brought in.

The new building should not only provide a better working environment for ADC employees, but also play a crucial role in promoting scientific research, innovation and healthcare on our island.

Drone footage by Pim Gelevert, images from our own archives.