The National Monument Congress (Monumentencongres) will take place on November 9. Lyongo is one of the speakers during the first theme session.

This year is all about renewal, innovation and the search for people who dare to do groundbreaking work in the heritage sector. And that is desperately needed. Because the sector is faced with challenges in the form of personnel shortages (especially among craftsmen), insufficient transfer of knowledge and fragmentation in the chain. That is why the theme of the 2023 is ‘Heritage Pioneers Wanted’.

In this program, Lyongo takes part in the panel discussion about  how we can make young people enthusiastic about heritage. Who are those pioneers? Where do they come from? He shares his vision on how we can attract the new ‘heritage keepers’ and how we ensure that everyone is involved in preserving heritage.

The congres takes place in Veenhuizen. More about this congress or event on the website of Monumentencongres.