An update from the construction site: last week Hofi Vidanova has reached the highest point!

The new neighborhood in Curacao is on a 36-hectare site and will house 400 new homes. At the moment there are 150 houses under construction. Last week we celebrated the fact that we have reached the highest point of the first group of houses.

Our aim was to create a contemporary Caribbean house design. If one thing exemplifies the Caribbean way of living it’s outdoor living. That is why we have made designs that have a relatively narrow floor plan which embrace the outdoor terraces. This gives the terraces a certain level of protection and intimacy but still securing a free flow of air. Now that the first roofs are up you can experience the natural flow of air, which on these hot days is very comforting.

Between the houses we’ve created different kinds of ‘hofi’s’, small common gardens. In each hofi local residents can meet, play and do sports. Residents can enjoy common areas and be given space to meet in their own hofi. The roads in the courtyards are all intended as residential areas, which means that pedestrians always have priority over motorized traffic. The plan includes a total of 27 hofi’s.

In this video you will get a sneak peak of the construction site. More about the construction or our design.