A short update on the construction of Hofi Vidanova because it is already progressing nicely. On the photos you can see that the first roofs are being installed. Right now all you see are some grey, bare houses but soon this will be a colorful residential area with 400 new homes!

About the design

We designed this sustainable neighborhood. The sizes of the houses in this project vary between 95 m2 and 190 m2. A plan was created for a neighborhood in which homes are designed that guarantee sustainability with maximum use of wind and protection to the sun.

Our aim was to create a contemporary Caribbean house design. If one thing exemplifies the Caribbean way of living it’s outdoor living. The designs have a relatively narrow floor plan which embrace the terraces. This gives the terraces a certain level of protection and intimacy but still securing a free flow of air. Due to the narrow floor plans inside and outside are very much connected and it guarantee cross ventilation, no matter the orientation of the house.

There are three different designs, each with various extra options. The homes will be available for different target groups, such as young professionals, pensioners and adults without children. Hòfi Vidanova is also ideal for so-called ‘digital nomads’ and other citizens who want to live in a modern neighborhood. You can take virtual tour through one of the homes.

Adding more green

Residents can enjoy common areas and be given space to meet in their own hofi. The roads in the courtyards are all intended as residential areas, which means that pedestrians always have priority over motorized traffic. The plan includes a total of 27 hofi’s. A distinction is made between three types of hofi’s: local hofi’s (located on the south side, designed for residents), hofi’s on the main route (designed for a relationship with the neighborhood) and special hofi’s (spaces with large differences in height). With these types of hofi’s we wanted to add more green to the area. We believe it is important to embrace nature in our design and ensure that the green spaces are preserved for future generations.

We also take sustainable features into account in our design. That plays an important role in the plan, as you can read on the project page.