NovoCrete, building material of our Hofi Vidanova project, has won a prestigious innovation award in Germany! Sustainability is key to this project. That is why NovoCrete was chosen, a sustainable solution for recycling and upcycling in road and infrastructure construction. Building materials that normally have to be disposed of or can be reused with NovoCrete. That saves about 130 million tons per year!

How does it work? That is demonstrated in the video below. NovoCrete is a mineral additive for soil stabilization that is mixed with cement and water. It is applied directly in the soil or as a road base. The addition of NovoCrete improves the durability and quality of the floor by 50%. And also important: 85% fewer raw materials are required for construction and it saves half the time and costs.

Our project Hòfi Vidanova is a new residential area with 400 sustainable, innovative homes in Curacao. Between the houses we’ve created different kinds of ‘hofi’s’, small common gardens. In each hofi local residents can meet, play and do sports. A distinction is made between three types of hofi’s.

Sustainability is also important for the design. Each house has five solar panels to produce part of the energy used by the resident and for the streetlights. It also has gray water pumps and a hydrophore (system for drinking water). We also collect the rainwater from the roofs of the houses. The rainwater is retained in cisterns and can be used for irrigation and other non-potable purposes. Furthermore greywater from the homes will be sampled in the district itself and reused for irrigating public green spaces. This approach also makes the project very unique.