An update from our Blue Bay construction site! Beautiful images of the current state of the project. We designed 18 apartments and 6 penthouses for the Blue Bay Hills Residences. In total there are 6 blocks with 4 apartments each. The apartments move along with the slope of the hill and slightly turn away from each other to guarantee a view of the sea. This twist, together with a jump in height of almost one and a half meters ensure sufficient privacy in every apartment.

To create a pleasant living environment on Curacao, the use of the trade wind is a prerequisite. In addition, you must ensure that you keep the heat of the sun outside. In our designs we focus on working with elements of nature. By providing all living areas with at least two openings in different wind directions, these areas can be naturally ventilated. We also worked with large roof overhangs and galleries so that facade openings are protected from direct sunlight. Another feature is the insulation of the roofs – so that the radiant heat is also kept outside.

We look forward to seeing this sustainable design evolve. In first quarter of 2024 the Blue Bay Hills Residences will be completed.