The team of architecture centre of Amsterdam (Arcam) visited Amsterdam Zuidoost on 1 May. It’s the most diverse district of Amsterdam and they wanted to learn more about the developments there. Part of their program was a lecture by Lyongo Juliana, former Architect in Residence at Arcam, on the theme of diversity and inclusivity in architecture.

During the lecture Lyongo explained how he and Ellen Nieuweboer’s team are working on making this an inclusive district. Architecture can contribute to reducing social problems. Lyongo points Arcam to the users and inhabitants of Amsterdam Zuidoost. “We need to look beyond our assumptions and be aware of our blind spots. For instance, look at the percentage of elderly people who are willing to move. This very low which entails that if you want to stimulate this you have create an architecture that appeals to them. This can be in the functionality by facilitating informal care either within the home by providing an extra bedroom.”

Lyongo translates his philosophy into his designs. An example is the future residential complex Barrio Lobi in Amsterdam Zuidoost with a ‘public space’ on several floors in the tower where people can meet and children can play.

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