In the coming academic year, D.B.S.G. Stylos, the study association of the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft, is 130 years old. As part of this anniversary, the association is organizing a symposium. One of the themes during the symposium is social equality. Lyongo is one of the panel speakers for this event.

During his story, Lyongo discusses inclusion and diversity in architecture. He discusses how social equality translates into spatial forms, with the designers of the future.

This year’s theme is ‘Human Scale’, it is about becoming aware of your place in the world. What role do designers play in creating a place where everyone feels at home and how do they make a better place for the world? What does such a place look like? The symposium will focus on three different themes dealt with within the social context: climate change, social equality and loneliness. Students of TU Delft are invited to participate. The symposium will be given on February 19 and is part of the program for the 26th anniversary year.