The team from lyongo architecture Amsterdam and Willemstad took a trip to Medellín, Colombia. The city has been an inspiration for lyongo’s architecture for the past decade. So it was special that we could visit it in the run-up to our 25th anniversary.

Our intern Tyree got to join as well. “I was looking forward to gaining inspiration and learning from various projects and architects in Medellín. It was such a great experience for me. A crucial insight I take with me is the importance of designing with everyone in mind. In my future designs I want to use the inspiration that I took from all of the projects we visited and strive for aesthetically pleasing, accessible and relevant designs for a wide audience.”

We’ll give you a quick recap of what Tyree and the rest of our team experienced. Our program was made by Julian Restrepo, owner and architect at the architectural firm TALLER – located in Bogota and Amsterdam. He would guide us through the city over the next few days and introduce us to these inspiring projects.

Impression of the trip