Construction has started on Hòfi Vidanova! Hòfi Vidanova a project with smart and sustainable homes in Curaçao. It will be the first ‘SMART’ residential project on the island. On a site of 36 hectares in the north of the existing Schelpwijk district, the project will consist of approximately 400 homes and sites. They are 3 types of housing, with different additional options, that are repeated. The homes will be available for different target groups, such as young professionals, pensioners and adults without children. Hofi Vidanova is also ideal for so-called ‘digital nomads’ and other citizens who want to live in a modern neighbourhood.

In collaboration with experts, Vidanova has created a plan for a neighborhood in which homes are designed that guarantee sustainability, with maximum use of sun and wind. The district will have its own water recycling system. The water is reused as irrigation in the green environment. This also makes the project very unique.