Kaya Kaya Otrobanda

Manifest Otrobanda

Last week it was announced that the Kaya Kaya festival in Otrobanda (Curacao) will start on August 19 and will last a full 10 days.

We are excited to see that Kaya Kaya has become a brand in place making in Curacao. The different events that they host in the area of ​​Seru di Otrabanda have contributed to putting this area back on the map and have added to the process of a gradual transformation, from a forgotten area to a must see part of Otrobanda.

Amazing to see that what Lyongo described back in 2018 as a sort of manifest – after a saturday morning meeting with Kurt Schoop, Sharelly Emanuelson, Neeltje Timmers and Carlos Blaaker – is now happening. At the meeting they spoke about how to initiate a transformation of Seru di Otrobanda.

We want to wish Kaya Kaya a lot of success with this upcoming event. We can’t wait to see an even more fibrant Seru di Otrobanda, home to our Willemstad office.