Project Description

Client: Curaliving N.V. Curaçao
Program: Hotel
Status: Completed
Surface: 40.000m2

Pietermaai, Curaçao


Hotel ’t Klooster

In Willemstad Curaçao you’ll find the beautiful yellow / orange hotel called “‘t Klooster”. This building was originally a monumental building and was used as a monastery. The Dutch word for monastery is “Klooster”. This explains the name of the hotel. This project was a challenging restoration project. In the restoration of this former monastery, we strived to preserve its monumental qualities. While retaining these qualities, we have made additions with a clearly contemporary (modern) look (such as a pool). However, this was always in the shadow of the monument. In defining the new floor plans for the hotel rooms, the existing window and door openings were leading. In this way, we did not reverse the entire structure and the monument still remained recognizable.

Bringing daylight back into the building was also an important starting point. Bringing daylight back into the building was a real necessity. Over time, the building had become a dark “dungeon.” To solve this, we installed a deep “cavity wall” on the south and east sides to serve as a buffer between the school and the rooms. This cavity wall is multifunctional. In addition to providing daylight to the building, this cavity wall also houses the bathrooms of the small rooms.

In the link below you will find a video where you can see the entire hotel from the air. It is also a little sneak peak at the interior and facilities that ‘t Klooster Hotel all offers.

Watch the video here and get inspired by a wonderful vacation feeling on the beautiful Curaçao!

Lyongo Juliana
Pieter Hoogendoorn
Jan Teeuwen